Beyond Buzzwords: Make Your Communication Count

It’s easy to be seduced by catch phrases after all they’re catchy. The trouble is, when the incorrect, the fundamentally flawed, and straight up ridiculous are blindly believed and repeated in the classroom, trainers can lose credibility with both participants and program sponsors. In a world where actual answers are but a web click away, it’s important to fact check your statements. Doing so will […]

Why BEST Goals Bring Better Results

How professional trainers can put a fresh, motivating spin on SMART goals and help encourage employees to new levels of performance. Goal-setting is part of a trainer’s DNA. If we’re not teaching the process in one form or another, we’re using it ourselves. From defining course learning objectives and personalizing participant performance goals to setting behavior change measures and establishing ROI targets […]

Make Sure Big Data Adds Up

The science of data collection is meaningless without the art of interpretation. Big data is all the rage in Human Resources and Learning & Development departments these days. As business leaders demand more analytics from all disciplines within their organizations, professionals in roles as diverse as workforce planning and employee training clamor to crack the code on meaningful ROI metrics. While increased attention to […]

Mentors Matter

Success though service – three rules for working hard, winning big, and staying humble. Mentors rarely realize the impact they have on the lives they touch. Adjusting strategies with the grace of a martial arts master, the best of them shift seamlessly from teacher to coach, confidante to counselor, cheerleader to drill sergeant, all in an effort to bring out […]

Is Your Talent Strategy Ring Ready?

Is your talent strategy of championship caliber or just a jab away from tasting canvas? Adopting these 10 tips will keep you off the ropes and in contention for a talent title. Business leaders are fond of comparing talent acquisition and retention to physical confrontations, most notably, the war for talent. Few, however, demonstrate the dedication required to prepare their […]

More Than a Generation: How to Connect in the Classroom

Factors to consider when attempting to make a meaningful connection with a diverse, ever-changing, technology-obsessed workforce. For the first time in history, four generations are represented in the workforce. This sociological anomaly has led management gurus to hyper-focus on intergenerational relationships and communication dynamics. In pursuit of the ever-elusive increase in organizational performance, we’ve seen a proliferation of group profiles, value summaries, and various […]

Transparent Development: Keys to Successful Talent Reviews

Companies should consider revamping their talent management philosophy to be transparent and align purpose and process. Many companies have taken great pains over the last few years to install robust performance and talent management systems in an attempt to better identify, reward, develop, and ultimately retain their top talent. While some gains have been made with regard to high-potential (HiPo) identification […]

Fear Not the 70-20-10

How professional trainers can learn to embrace and thrive in a world gone gaga for an experience-oriented learning model. Many trainers cringe when they hear mention of the 70-20-10 learning philosophy. It’s understandable. Some assume the concept takes aim at their profession, asserting that it—and by association, they—have little if anything to do with enhancing employee performance. The more imaginative among us […]

Besting the Culture Challenge

How professional trainers can develop rapport with and meet the learning needs of employees when working outside their home country.  Trainers are nothing if not customer-focused. As consummate people pleasers we pride ourselves on being abthis le to quickly size up an audience and leverage our vast subject matter expertise to meet their learning objectives. this is And while the more experienced […]