How to Land an Internship

Writers trust in the old adage: Show. Don’t tell. The advice also applies to those interviewing for an internship. Don’t give the hiring manager a song and dance about how innovative, strategic, and out-of the-box awesome you are. Chances are they’ve heard a sales pitch or two and trust me no one wins at Buzzword Bingo. Instead, demonstrate your potential by pointing […]

Best Manager Interview Question

Peter Drucker said “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and while that may be true, managers hold the knife and fork. Hiring a manager is not like hiring any other employee. Managers, particularly a first line managers, are the conduit through which all communication and cultural changes passes. These are vital positions in any organization so getting the hire right is critical. If I could […]

Top 3 Entrepreneur Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

All entrepreneurs make mistakes. The smart ones try to keep theirs to a minimum by consistently learning from those who have gone before. Do the same by learning to sidestep these classic pitfalls. Starting Too Soon: There’s nothing wrong with starting a business right after, while in, or even in lieu of college. There are more than a few cases of […]

Major Decisions: How to Pick a College Major

It was inevitable. The initial onslaught of pre-career questions from the Gen Z crowd has arrived. That’s no typo, people. For once we’re not talking Millennials. The “elder statesman” of the population born between 1996 and 2010 are heading to college and are already thinking about how the academic investment will affect their future earning potential. I’m actually […]

Quitting in Style: How to Gracefully Leave a Job

If you’ve worked in the corporate world…heck any world at any time…you’ve likely indulged in the storm-out fantasy. You know, that timeless, “take this job and shove it,” tell off your boss, start your own company, poach all their talent, and maybe even commit a little Superman III like looting (not advised) on the way out scenario. The thing is, few people look good […]

Beat the Funk: How to Get Excited About Your Current Job

There is a fine line between being in the groove and in a rut. Often what separates the two experiences are intangible items like attitude and perspective…little things that can fundamentally alter your career trajectory. Whether you just landed your first real job or have been diligently scaling the corporate ladder for years, taking the following steps will ensure you get the most […]

Three Pre-Marriage, Must-ask Money Questions

A few decades ago, when I was a reporter and the Internet came in a bulky card catalog version, I wrote an article for a New York newspaper entitled, Deal Breakers, Things to Clarify Before Saying ‘I Do’. The five key topics to cover were, according to several psychologists: family, kids, religion, sex and money. It seems little has changed and I’m […]

Four Ways to Stop Multitasking

By now we’ve all realized that multitasking doesn’t help improve productivity. It just allows you to screw several things up in quick succession. To avoid looking like a ferret on Red Bull adopt the following four strategies. You’ll slow your roll and speed your path to career prosperity. Realize There are NO Urgent Emails: If something is important the phone will […]

How to Overcome Interview Fatigue

A single interview can be a nerve-racking experience. If you’ve encountered a series of rejections and have outrun your financial cushion, an elongated job search can be emotionally exhausting. So how can you reboot your enthusiasm, calm those pre-interview jitters, and land the gig? Chase the Right Role When changing jobs candidates naturally look for parity if not improvement in the position sought. […]

Holiday Party Dos and Don’ts

Whether they are called Christmas parties, Holiday parties, or Year-end celebrations, effectively navigating these fun-filled events can prove a challenging proposition especially if you’re new to the workforce or the organization. Assuming you can manage the evening without hitting on the CEO’s spouse, offering your manager unsolicited career advice, or busting into a back spraining break dance, raise your game by […]