Smarty Pants: What to do When You Know More Than the Hiring Manager

It’s been said that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. But what if it’s an interview and you really want or…gulp, need the role? Let’s face it, for all the talk about hiring your replacement and looking out for the good of the company, in the real world, people put themselves first. If the hiring manager sees you as a potential […]

Should You Outsource Your Social Feed?

Whether you are looking to build a business, land a new job, or rise through the ranks at your current company, having a clear personal brand (what you are known for) can differentiate you from the crowd. Thoughtful contribution to social media sites can help promote that brand. Just remember, most people can see through an overly scripted or even […]

Answering the “Current Salary” Question

“What’s your current salary?” It’s a question every job seeker dreads. It’s the equivalent of a contractor asking for a homeowner’s maximum budget. It’s an irrelevant inquiry that will have you on the back foot during a future negotiation. I would never ask my electrician what he made on the last job. I do my research on what the work […]

Are Resume Websites Worth It?

If you’re a hiring manager, recruiter, or HR professional chances are you’ve been on the receiving end of a candidate’s request to peruse their resume website. Part personal branding tool, part skill summary, these visually enticing landing pages provide visitors with an overview of the job seeker’s capabilities, experiences, and style. These future-focused personal pages attempt to illustrate what […]

How to Avoid Interview Brain Freeze

The fear of going blank or freezing-up during an interview can be daunting. For many job seekers even a one-on-one informational interview can feel like they’re being scrutinized by a Thriller video-sized cemetery replete with Corporate, brain-munching zombies. Many candidates opt to hide behind a pile of notes and hope for the best. The truth is… the monsters are all in your […]

The 8 Question Early Talent Interview

Occasionally when interviewing Early Talent performance, skill, and experience differentiators are obvious. Most times however, when a collection of candidates have taken the same classes at the same time from the same professors in the same school, it’s hard to find a compelling X factor. The similarities are even more pronounced when you considered the now all-but-required tick-box style internships, volunteer experience, and social […]

Merry Merry

Auto post is a wonderful thing. It’s a rare bit of technology that actually does as advertised – It allows you to better manage your time and enjoy a little work/life balance. I’m off enjoying the holiday with family and friends. I hope you are as well. Merry Christmas.

Dear Performance Pundits…Regards Your Employees

So this is a bit of a Jerry Maguire note (and we all know what happened to that guy). But at the risk of getting sent to the proverbial woodshed by my HR peers, I wanted to provide a point of view that might reflect what has gone unsaid or unheard by employees at various organizations who are: (a) no-longer with their companies […]

Effective Storytelling

Reader Question: Can storytelling help me on interview? Yes. Assuming they are not fiction. If you have a flare for the fictitious be sure to bifurcate your endeavors. For example, my novels can be found at Tall tales should never make their way into your resume or professional assertions. That said story telling, when done properly, can bring to life your […]

Interview Blunders and How to Avoid them

We all make mistakes. As teen in the early 80s I donned a plastic sweat suit and tried my hand at breakdancing to impress a girl. I’ll leave it to you to picture the results, but suffice to say I switched to the white-man-overbite shortly thereafter and ever looked back. Interviews are a dance of a different. If you want to come […]