How to Interview Your Coach

Coaching can be a powerful tool when used effectively and in conjunction with other development actions. Practitioners of the career-coaching sub-specialty will often highlight a series of potential benefits including increased performance, enhanced productivity, greater executive presence, personal brand identification and positioning, and better quality relationships in and outside the organization. Attaining these results however, is largely dependent on two factors: your […]

Building a Career Brand

Outlandish gaffes aside, people typically don’t remember what you’ve done. They only remember (if you’re lucky) what you’ve promoted and only what you’ve promoted most recently.  Therefore, when looking to build a reputation, consistency of word and action is critical. How you present yourself on social networks, your resume, and on-line profiles should support the value proposition you are trying […]

Best Business Quote

Quotes are a dime a dozen. Scratch that. To quote Billy Joel, “Advice is cheap. You can take it from me. It’s yours to keep ‘cause opinions are free.” My favorite business quote is by comic legend Jonathan Winters who said, “I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” So many people wait for a company, a […]

Authentic Leadership

Many career coaches advise people to “fake it till they make it,” and “act as if” (they run the place). The thought being that with practice, you’ll eventually become the persona you embody. It seems like an optimistic, forward-thinking personal branding strategy, but most people can see the see past the posturing. To avoid a bravado backfire, strive for authenticity and congruency – […]

The Raise-less Promotion

A colleague recently asked if he should accept a promotion. Knowing that he was an ambitious fellow with energy to spare, I thought it was a trick question. But then came the catch. Although role offered a better title and potentially more visibility, it did not come with a salary increase. Apparently his organization expected him to take on considerably more […]

A Wise Course

I’m often asked what is the best course to take for those seeking to enter the work force. Obviously this depends in part on the profession, but I was never too fond of vague answers. So here is my take on the matter: The best course to get a job is public speaking. It will teach you how to confidently inform, […]

Your Job-hopping Rationale

Most employers understand that the days of the one-to-three job career are long gone. Gen-Y workers are even more prone to adopt a Company Me attitude and move to the next best thing as soon as the opportunity presents itself. That’s what the war for talent is all about. Having a storyline, an intelligent, logical rationale for each of your career moves will […]

Change the Work/life Conversation

Employees sometimes struggle with broaching the work/life balance conversation with their manager because they assume (like a novice salesperson) that they are asking for a favor. Before doing anything else, employees should understand their organization’s formal policy on the matter. Assuming there is one, they should change the conversation to focus on results, not time. The following is a quick guideline […]

Big Meeting Ahead? Skip the Trust Falls

Sooner or later many employees will get tapped to plan a company event. Whether it’s an extended, off-site staff meeting or a strategic, global conference, the task can be daunting. And while some larger organizations have corporate communications, HR, and/or training departments that might be able to lend a hand, often given workloads and budget restrictions, you’ll be largely left on your […]

LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations

For some people LinkedIn has become the professional equivalent of a video game, where users attempt to score relationship points by randomly connecting with as many people as possible. As in most things however, quality trumps quantity. While having a large number of connections or followers may make you feel better about yourself, it won’t produce much if they aren’t actively engaged or at […]