Salary Negotiating Guidelines

Many people have difficulty asking for or even discussing money. Reasons for this range from culture and upbringing to self-worth and skill set. While I’ve been an executive and career coach for over 15 years, I’m no psychologist. If you need a little couch time (and there’s nothing wrong with that) seek out a qualified therapist. However, if your issue is skill based or a natural […]

Restarting A Career After An Extended Break

Job-hunting is a difficult endeavor. Doing so after being out of the game for a while can prove even more challenging. The good news is that there is a big difference between hard and impossible. Like most things, technique and attitude can go a long way toward ensuring success. To increase your chances of successfully reentering the job market, following these five […]

The Ageless Resume – Give Your CV a Facelift

Thinking of leaving your job? You’re not alone. Reports from leading survey firms such as Gallup, IBM/Kenexa, and Towers Watson indicate that even self-described engaged employees are susceptible to a competitor’s pull. In the reality of the millennial-led, “company me” mindset, employees are more transient and discerning than ever before. Even Gen-X and baby boomers are more apt to shop the competition these days. […]

Team Building Events That Actually Work from Geneva National

Have an upcoming team building event?  Then check out this Geneva National article for some great tips on how to make your next session a success.  Article Excerpt “You wouldn’t be where you are today without your team. They’ve stood by you through the ups and the downs, the early-morning meetings and the late-night phone calls. They’re the backbone of […]

Succeed in the “Meet for Coffee” Business

For many people, networking is a dreaded affair. This is especially true for introverts who loathe the required small talk that comes with the territory. That said, even the most gregarious among us can be a little intimidated by the process, especially if their conversation counterpart is seen as a more powerful or politically important player. As an executive coach, writer, and businessperson I’ve been on both […]

Happy New Year

January is traditionally a time to reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and whom we’ve helped and learned from along the way. Of course, it’s also a time for setting new goals, chasing new dreams, and finding more people to both help and learn from. We’ll get into that of course, but not just yet. For now, take a breath, take a […]

A Word of Thanks

Given yesterday’s holiday, it’s natural to focus on all the people, events, and experiences for which you are thankful. As I reflect with family and friends, I am truly humbled by my good fortune. Over the years I’ve been the lucky recipient of the teachings of many thoughtful mentors. Together they provided the tools and perspective I needed to escape my youthful […]

Avoiding a Bad Boss

Nothing is scarier than working for a bad boss. The trouble is, in many cases you have little control over who you work for and how they will behave. That’s one advantage of the job search process – you get to interview your new boss to see if there’s a fit. This is no trick people. The treat we’ve been denying […]

Embrace the White Space: “Do Nothing” Effectiveness

In the coming weeks we’ll talk about various actions to take to achieve the career success and life  you desire. Habits to develop, behaviors to adopt, as well as things to let go of that may be hampering your potential. But before we dive into the work, it’s important to step back and take a breath. Now don’t worry. This isn’t some flaky […]


Welcome to the Plotline Leadership blog. I often say that projects fail and careers derail when people lose the plot on the original intent – when they get distracted by drama, led astray by antagonists, or caught up in backstory that is simply irrelevant. This blog will feature weekly posts designed to help you stay on the right path and ensure your story is a […]