State of Human Resource Profession

A student from the City Business School in Russia recently interviewed me on the status of HR. For those in or considering entering the profession, I hope the following is helpful. What does a career in HR mean today? A career in HR has both expanded and specialized in recent years. Originally, it morphed from “personnel” – a largely administrative function to a “Generalist” […]

Career Change Best Practices

While January is the typical time for revaluation ­– of one’s diet, habits and direction in both life and work – it doesn’t have to be the only one. Many of the successful people I’m lucky enough to know pilot their lives, as they would cruise ships, making subtle course corrections as they go. They understand that fine adjustments are easier to make […]

Banned Phrase: Synergy Capture

It’s no secret that the corporate landscape is littered with jargon and mild euphemisms designed to ease employees into the “new normal” much like the proverbial frog is placed in the pot before the heat is turned on. Give it to us straight and we’ll jump out before we boil, but the jargon – well that simply sounds like a nice, warm […]

Smart Emails

There are a variety of skills required to “make it” in today’s business world: financial, analytic, presentation, interpersonal communication, even web-related skills. But none is more important than writing skills. As an author of four novels, two humor books, three non-fiction books, and over 30 articles on business best practices, I clearly have a bias. Actually, if pressed I’d say editorial skills are […]

Why Should I Hire You?

Interviewing is a complex, grueling process, and rightly so. Selecting a company for which to work is a costly decision. Get it wrong and you’ll trade time, money, and emotional energy for an embarrassing misstep you’ll have to explain away as you strive to recover from the botched career move. To avoid this blunder, it’s important to honestly answer the mother […]

Project Intimacy

Consistent readers of this blog know that my coaching practice focuses primarily on career and business matters. I typically work with motivated, ultra busy, hyper competitive, successful professionals who are looking to reach the next level in their chosen endeavor. But that doesn’t mean my clients are all work and no play. On the contrary, most have or are actively pursuing full and balanced lives […]

How to Interview Your Coach

Coaching can be a powerful tool when used effectively and in conjunction with other development actions. Practitioners of the career-coaching sub-specialty will often highlight a series of potential benefits including increased performance, enhanced productivity, greater executive presence, personal brand identification and positioning, and better quality relationships in and outside the organization. Attaining these results however, is largely dependent on two factors: your […]

Building a Career Brand

Outlandish gaffes aside, people typically don’t remember what you’ve done. They only remember (if you’re lucky) what you’ve promoted and only what you’ve promoted most recently.  Therefore, when looking to build a reputation, consistency of word and action is critical. How you present yourself on social networks, your resume, and on-line profiles should support the value proposition you are trying […]

Best Business Quote

Quotes are a dime a dozen. Scratch that. To quote Billy Joel, “Advice is cheap. You can take it from me. It’s yours to keep ‘cause opinions are free.” My favorite business quote is by comic legend Jonathan Winters who said, “I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” So many people wait for a company, a […]

Authentic Leadership

Many career coaches advise people to “fake it till they make it,” and “act as if” (they run the place). The thought being that with practice, you’ll eventually become the persona you embody. It seems like an optimistic, forward-thinking personal branding strategy, but most people can see the see past the posturing. To avoid a bravado backfire, strive for authenticity and congruency – […]