Resume Tips for Top Grads

So you just graduated from a top-tier school. Congratulations. Now the real work begins. Even when you’re among the best of the best you still have to stand out from the crowd. To do so it’s important to showcase: Transferable Skills: Take stock of the lessons learned and skills developed during your college years that would readily apply to the job […]

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Many job seekers believe their questions should come at the end of the interview. While that’s better than having no inquires at all, asking the interviewer well-placed, thoughtful questions throughout the conversation makes it more of a balanced discussion and increases the level of rapport. It also demonstrates your interest in the role, understanding of the company, and offers insight into how […]

How to Answer Classic Interview Questions

Hiring managers aren’t always experts at the hiring portion of their title. For many replacing a team member or adding a new one is a dreaded, time-consuming task taken on as infrequently as possible. It’s an understandable sentiment. After all, they have day jobs and the complexities of sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and training can be major distractions. Of course savvy HR and business leaders understand […]

How to Answer Odd Interview Questions

Some interviewers have logical, data-backed reasons for asking, what on the surface, can appear to be an oddball question. They might be soliciting insights into your decision-making skills, values, or creativity. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the questions and the evaluation of answers are validated and consistent. Unfortunately many ill-prepared interviewers are just winging it or trying their hand a practice […]

How to Answer the Weakness Question

While thankfully, the “What’s your greatest weakness?” question is being posed less frequently these days, it’s still a go-to for interviewers who are unfamiliar with more telling behavior and experience based inquires. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this old favorite, avoid the trite by offering both substance and a solution. Let’s face it; if you answer the question with, […]

5 Things to Remove From Your Resume Right Now

Some career coaches will advise that your resume be no longer than two pages. The rationale for the advice is recruiters and hiring managers are busy people who lack the time to peruse a lengthier document. The counsel makes sense if you’re a recent grad or early career candidate, but if you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll likely find it difficult to pack a […]

How to Land an Internship

Writers trust in the old adage: Show. Don’t tell. The advice also applies to those interviewing for an internship. Don’t give the hiring manager a song and dance about how innovative, strategic, and out-of the-box awesome you are. Chances are they’ve heard a sales pitch or two and trust me no one wins at Buzzword Bingo. Instead, demonstrate your potential by pointing […]

Smarty Pants: What to do When You Know More Than the Hiring Manager

It’s been said that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. But what if it’s an interview and you really want or…gulp, need the role? Let’s face it, for all the talk about hiring your replacement and looking out for the good of the company, in the real world, people put themselves first. If the hiring manager sees you as a potential […]

Answering the “Current Salary” Question

“What’s your current salary?” It’s a question every job seeker dreads. It’s the equivalent of a contractor asking for a homeowner’s maximum budget. It’s an irrelevant inquiry that will have you on the back foot during a future negotiation. I would never ask my electrician what he made on the last job. I do my research on what the work […]

How to Avoid Interview Brain Freeze

The fear of going blank or freezing-up during an interview can be daunting. For many job seekers even a one-on-one informational interview can feel like they’re being scrutinized by a Thriller video-sized cemetery replete with Corporate, brain-munching zombies. Many candidates opt to hide behind a pile of notes and hope for the best. The truth is… the monsters are all in your […]