The 8 Question Early Talent Interview

Occasionally when interviewing Early Talent performance, skill, and experience differentiators are obvious. Most times however, when a collection of candidates have taken the same classes at the same time from the same professors in the same school, it’s hard to find a compelling X factor. The similarities are even more pronounced when you considered the now all-but-required tick-box style internships, volunteer experience, and social […]

Effective Storytelling

Reader Question: Can storytelling help me on interview? Yes. Assuming they are not fiction. If you have a flare for the fictitious be sure to bifurcate your endeavors. For example, my novels can be found at Tall tales should never make their way into your resume or professional assertions. That said story telling, when done properly, can bring to life your […]

Interview Blunders and How to Avoid them

We all make mistakes. As teen in the early 80s I donned a plastic sweat suit and tried my hand at breakdancing to impress a girl. I’ll leave it to you to picture the results, but suffice to say I switched to the white-man-overbite shortly thereafter and ever looked back. Interviews are a dance of a different. If you want to come […]

What NOT to Say on an Interview

Job seekers have more resources at their disposal than ever before – from on-line assessments and interview guides to professional career coaches and books like The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting. The proliferation of tools help ensure candidates come to the table prepared to answer common behavior-based questions such as, “Can you tell me about a time you had to […]

Trouble With the Curve (Ball Interview Questions)

Some things are just bad ideas: skinny jeans on men, the revival of awkward 70s inspired facial hair, Justin Bieber. Seriously Canada, enough already. Another travesty of rational thought is currently assaulting the world of job hunting. It comes in the form of awkward and largely irrelevant questions designed to catch candidates off-guard and test their ability to respond […]

Do You Have a Lazy Resume?

There are many signs of a poor resume. These include awkward formatting, inappropriate content, misspellings, too much or too little information, and a professional summary that is either non-existent or fails to connect with the hiring manager’s need. Make these missteps and you’ll guarantee a place in the circular file. In today’s competitive job market, having a professionally designed, factually correct resume […]

Job Counting

So, Why Have You Had so Many or so Few Jobs?  It’s one of the most dreaded interview questions as it immediately puts the candidate in a defensive posture. When faced with such a challenge, resist the temptation to dance around the subject. A good interviewer can tell the difference between mental agility and blowing smoke so play it straight and attack the question head […]

Are Mock Interviews Worth the Time?

I’ve been on both sides of the table and the simple answer is yes. Many career coaches (myself included) conduct mock interviews with their clients as part of the overall coaching process. Often times we are working to help them showcase a specific skill e.g. executive presence or conceptual flexibility – items that often don’t present themselves easily on the resume. Most […]

Why Should I Hire You?

Interviewing is a complex, grueling process, and rightly so. Selecting a company for which to work is a costly decision. Get it wrong and you’ll trade time, money, and emotional energy for an embarrassing misstep you’ll have to explain away as you strive to recover from the botched career move. To avoid this blunder, it’s important to honestly answer the mother […]

The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting

The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting provides a flexible, easy-to-follow process for selecting or affirming your career goal, crafting a rock star resume that sets you apart from the competition, and enabling you to confidently navigate the interview and negotiation processes. The book crosses experience levels, industries, and geographic boundaries. Whether you are an experienced professional seeking the next level, a career […]