Interview Red Flags Candidates Should Watch For

There’s a host of advice for HR and hiring managers on spotting red flags that may signal a problem or high maintenance employee, but little counsel is given on the reverse point of view. Because an interview is a two-way assessment, candidates should also be vigilant in their evaluation of the prospective employer and watchful of wording that could spell trouble down the line. Traditionally red […]

How to Save Time During a Job Search

Hiring cycles can be long, even when you’re the perfect fit. The quicker you can land a new gig, the lower the impact being out of work or underemployed has on your financial well being. When it comes to work, time truly is money. Try these hacks to beat the clock: Leverage Social Media: Whether you have 200 followers or 2 million, […]

Escaping the Overqualified Trap

Overqualified is a ridiculous concept. In no other exchange would the customer complain about getting a product or service that is too good, too experienced, or too smart. Getting optimal value for the money offered should be ideal. So why then do hiring managers reject competent, engaged candidates based on an arbitrary assessment of their skill set and motivations? Would these same people […]

The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job

The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job People often assume that you have an abundance of free time when you’re job hunting. They figure you’re either phoning it in at a current employer or channel surfing in a bathrobe. The truth, however, is that searching for a new gig or vying for a key promotion is a full-time role in itself. The HR Guide […]

How to Make the Most of Your Interns

Interns have a different perspective on employment opportunities than traditional job seekers. While some, especially those close to graduation, might actively play the long-game in hopes of securing a position post-graduation, most seek a short-term experience that may ultimately be used elsewhere. Specifically, interns are concerned with practical, front-loaded benefits and questions such as what can I learn from this 90-day assignment? […]

Are Resume Websites Worth It?

If you’re a hiring manager, recruiter, or HR professional chances are you’ve been on the receiving end of a candidate’s request to peruse their resume website. Part personal branding tool, part skill summary, these visually enticing landing pages provide visitors with an overview of the job seeker’s capabilities, experiences, and style. These future-focused personal pages attempt to illustrate what […]

A Wise Course

I’m often asked what is the best course to take for those seeking to enter the work force. Obviously this depends in part on the profession, but I was never too fond of vague answers. So here is my take on the matter: The best course to get a job is public speaking. It will teach you how to confidently inform, […]

Restarting A Career After An Extended Break

Job-hunting is a difficult endeavor. Doing so after being out of the game for a while can prove even more challenging. The good news is that there is a big difference between hard and impossible. Like most things, technique and attitude can go a long way toward ensuring success. To increase your chances of successfully reentering the job market, following these five […]

The Ageless Resume – Give Your CV a Facelift

Thinking of leaving your job? You’re not alone. Reports from leading survey firms such as Gallup and IBM/Kenexa indicate that even self-described engaged employees are susceptible to a competitor’s pull. In the reality of the millennial-led, “company me” mindset, employees are more transient and discerning than ever before. Even Gen-X and baby boomers are more apt to shop the competition these days. Employers who lack […]