How to Foster Your Ideal Career

Whether you long to scale the corporate ladder, be a successful solopreneur, or build the next mega organization, success starts with direction – a focal point for your energy, talent, and skills. Unfortunately, to avoid being pigeonholed, many professionals chase a generalist career-track, leave this journey to chance, or simply guess when they come to a fork in the road. At best their […]

How to Stay Relevant as a Long-tenured Employee

Job hoppers are red flags to many recruiters and hiring managers, but they are not the only candidates to give these gatekeepers pause. Long-tenured employees are often shuffled to the bottom of the resume pile because they are, perhaps unfairly, perceived as inflexible, stuck-in-a-rut, unmotivated, or even unlikely to thrive in a new setting. To avoid looking like a laggard, keep […]

The Problem with Boss Babe

In an effort to stand out in a competitive world many career-minded professionals try their hand at personal branding. Finding your niche is a useful endeavor, but when it degrades into ill-conceived monikers like IT Ninja or Marketing Architect, you come across as amateurish. Recently the trend has jumped the shark into the girl power world with so juvenile titles as Girl Boss […]

Should You Outsource Your Social Feed?

Whether you are looking to build a business, land a new job, or rise through the ranks at your current company, having a clear personal brand (what you are known for) can differentiate you from the crowd. Thoughtful contribution to social media sites can help promote that brand. Just remember, most people can see through an overly scripted or even […]

Building a Career Brand

Outlandish gaffes aside, people typically don’t remember what you’ve done. They only remember (if you’re lucky) what you’ve promoted and only what you’ve promoted most recently.  Therefore, when looking to build a reputation, consistency of word and action is critical. How you present yourself on social networks, your resume, and on-line profiles should support the value proposition you are trying […]

Developing Your Personal Brand

In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to have the required skills, experiences, and education requested on the job description. To truly stand out, you need to clearly demonstrate why you are the best (insert your profession here). This means identifying your X factor and being able to communicate that in a resume, during an interview, and ultimately, on the job. Your brand is […]