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Human Resources Consulting

When chasing a goal, "Why?" is often the toughest question to answer.

A sound business strategy can define what to do, who is accountable, and when and where to take action. A thoughtfully designed process can frame how to get it done. But shaping the why – that logical and emotionally enticing rationale for selecting and sticking to a specific course of action is often left to chance.

The experts at Plotline Leadership have over 15 years of experience answering these questions for leaders in North America, Europe and Asia. Our ROI-minded, outcome-focused approach to consulting is designed to help business leaders establish a meaningful project scorecard and produce sustainable results.

Services include:

  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Change, Implementation and Adoption
  • Change Management
  • Organization Design

We go beyond strategy consulting and process execution to help leaders frame a compelling business case ­that speaks to the needs of all stakeholders. Clients can expect a variety of benefits including increased performance, enhanced productivity, and greater employee engagement.

Projects fail when people lose the plot on the original intent and desired outcome. We help leaders connect the dots and draft an attainable success story.

Consulting Defined

A consultant is simply someone who, through specialized knowledge or skill, improves the client’s condition. We offer a variety of services to help leaders and project managers add value, increase efficiency, and/or mitigate risks.

Whether you are looking to address a challenge, capitalize on a potential opportunity, realign a portion of your organization, or drive a new vision, we can help you achieve your strategy.

Consulting Process

The need for consulting typically, arises from one of the following conditions:

  • Address a Challenge: When a process appears broken, we diagnose the root cause and implement corrective actions.
  • Capitalize on an Opportunity: When untapped potential is discovered, we provide an enabling framework to help seize the opportunity.
  • Reestablish Alignment: When elements of an organization are working at cross-purposes or engaging in duplicative work, we help the parties get back in sync and optimize their performance.
  • Drive a New Vision: When yesterday’s vision is no longer good enough to drive desired business results, we build structures, processes, and cultural frameworks to help make the new vision a reality.

Consulting Philosophy

We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. Playbooks are key, but each client – each intervention warrants a fresh approach.

Rather than aligning to a single tool, we focus on the needs of the individual, the practices of the organization, and successful outcomes for all stakeholders. Tools available for customization include:

  • Leadership and Management Assessments
  • Team Competency Profiles
  • Personality and Style Assessments
  • 360s
  • Gap Analysis
  • On-line Data-gathering
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Strategic Questioning