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Message Management

Our founder, Tim Toterhi began his career as a journalist crafting stories and feature articles. He is the author of ten books in three genres. In addition, he served as a speechwriter and communication liaison for several executive level leaders.

Today we help leaders uncover, amplify, and share their voice. Whether you’re looking to design a key internal presentation, draft a case study, or make an impact on your profession via a full-length book, we can help you turn ideas to authorship.

Services include:

  • Concept consulting
  • Proposal design
  • Ghostwriting

If you have an idea that you’d like to see in print, but lack the time or inclination to put pen to paper, ghostwriting may be the perfect solution.

Projects fail and careers derail when people lose the plot on the original intent and desired outcome. Don’t let communication stand in the way of your success. Life’s short. Have a tale worth telling.

Ghostwriting Defined

We offer three services in this space:

  • Concept Consulting: Review, analysis and potential expansion/adjustment of the proposed book, paper, or presentation.
  • Proposal Design: Design of book or article proposal package for submission to agents or mainstream publishers.
  • Ghostwriting: Complete writing services including outlining, drafting, and finalized revisions.

Ghostwriting Process

While each service adheres to its own process, there are several common guiding principles:

  • Free Assessment: Working with a ghostwriter is a lot like working with a coach, you have to click. This meeting ensures a right fit.
  • Flexibility: Services are designed to build on each other allowing you to start slow and scale.
  • Honesty: We treat client’s money like our own and will advise against a project if we feel it won’t achieved the desired outcome.

Ghostwriting Philosophy

We specialize in helping leaders find their voice and share their story. Whether you’re crafting an industry-related manuscript, a memoir, or even a key internal presentation, we can help you turn ideas into authorship.

Note: While we do not offer editorial services, we can refer clients to excellent copyeditors.