Plotline Leadership provides Human Resources Consulting and High-impact Career Coaching that helps organizations and individuals shape their success stories.

  • Career Coaching: Whether it’s navigating a career transition, planning your next internal move, or refining your personal or professional brand, we each have the power to draft our future. I help professionals produce sustainable results for themselves and their organizations.
  • HR Consulting: Organizations also have a tale to tell. From setting strategy and navigating change to wining the talent “Space Race” and besting the competition. Business results often depend on the ability to set the scene and direct the players toward a clear goal.

Remember, projects fail and careers derail when people lose the plot on their goals – when they get distracted by drama, led astray by protagonists, or caught up in backstory that is simply irrelevant.

I help motivated professionals and forward-thinking organizations navigate the challenges, opportunities, and key decision points that can mark the difference between tragedy and triumph.

Life’s short. Have a tale worth telling.

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