Career Coaching

Tim Toterhi is a graduate of Corporate CoachU and a certified coach. In addition to coaching professionally since 2004, he established and managed the global coaching network for a major healthcare organization. Working with both independent coaches and those from leading providers allowed him to learn from a variety of styles.

Today Plotline Leadership helps professionals produce sustainable results for themselves and their organizations. Our no-fluff, results-focused approach to coaching pulls the best from people and helps them leverage their strengths in pursuit of next-level performance.

We are not tied to a single intake process or assessment, preferring instead to focus on the needs of the individual, the practices of the organization, and successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Career coaching, planning, and transition management
  • Executive assimilation and leadership coaching
  • High potential development coaching
  • Team dynamics
  • Performance assessments
  • Style and 360 assessments
  • Workshop design and facilitation

Our coaching clients can expect a variety of benefits including increased performance, enhanced productivity, and better quality relationships.

Careers derail when people lose the plot on their desired outcome. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, grow your business, or change directions entirely, we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Coaching Defined

Coaching helps successful people raise the bar of performance, productivity and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

Corporate employees, entrepreneurs, athletes, and professionals in transition are just some of those who work with a coach.

Regardless of your professional endeavor or personal goal, coaching will help you identify what is most important and align your thoughts, words and actions accordingly. In this way, coaching can fast track your success story.

Coaching Process

Our 5-step coaching process helps clients reach next level performance:

  1. Establish the Focus: Specify your ideal end-state
  2. Examine Possibilities: Explore potential paths to success
  3. Draft a Plan: Outline your selected route
  4. Overcome Obstacles: Methodically remove barriers
  5. Review, Adjust and Proceed: Revise your plan and start the journey

These iterative steps and associated assessments will help you enact your plan.

Coaching Philosophy

We believe that excellence is built on action – the positive habits born of intense focus and deliberate practice.

Our coaching methodology helps participants develop those habits and in turn brings out their best.

Note: Some managers seek coaching as a way to justify exiting a “problem” employee. We do not offer this service or endorse the practice. Coaching should be employed with positive intent. It is designed to help talented people reach the next level.