Music at Work?

Do you prefer music or silence while working? I first tried the “music in office” experiment back in 1995. I remember because it lasted exactly two minutes and twelve seconds, the length of Del Amitri’s hit single, “Roll with Me.” The song came on and we all nodded optimistically. Seconds later our fingers absently drifted from their keyboards in support of a seemingly choreographed […]

Should I Bring Notes to a Job Interview?

Yes. Candidates can unwittingly put themselves on the back foot if they sit empty-handed in front of a seasoned interviewer. That posture is more akin to a detective’s interrogation than a collaborative discussion between potential colleagues. Often people who prepare notes never need them. To capitalize on your effort and balance the conversation scale, ensure you have the following at the ready: Research: A […]

Graduate Degrees: Yes or No

In the post, Is an Advance Degree Worth It? I offered a three-step process for making the decision. These consisted of: Embracing the Informational Interview: to ascertain the value of a degree from those who hold it. Challenge the Job Description: to test whether the credential is a non-negotiable. Consider Certifications: to see if a less expensive option is a […]

How to Reduce Employee Stress

Seasoned leaders understand that stress can cause short-term productivity loss and, if left unaddressed, systemic efficiency and quality issues. It can also have a negative impact on both employee engagement and customer loyalty. To be effective, they must understand employee well-being triggers and monitor them as closely as they would any quantitative financial metric. Change factors, specifically those that impact daily work, are among […]

How to Give Notice

People quit jobs in even the tightest of markets. And while there are countless reasons for saying, “So long,” the catalyst for the decision often boils down to either a competitive pull or a company push. Whether you’re moving toward something positive or away from a bad situation, how you say good-bye says a lot about you. Professional courtesy calls for direct communication, […]

5 Healthy Habits to Balance Your Life

Most wellness experts advise their clients to adopt a trio of healthy lifestyle actions, namely a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and plentiful sleep. While these actions will help get and keep you on the path to wellness, if you want to really change the results in and impact of your life, try these five habits. Play: Take time to shake off adulthood […]

What You Are Most Proud Of?

This seems like a straight-forward interview questions, but there is more to it than meets the eye. This is an impact question designed to gain insight into your values and character. To answer it effectively you need to offer more than a standard success story detailing what you did and when. The most important aspect of your answer is the […]

Developing Your Personal Brand

In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to have the required skills, experiences, and education requested on the job description. To  stand out, you need to clearly demonstrate why you are the best (insert your profession here). This means identifying your X factor and being able to communicate that in a resume, during an interview, and ultimately, on the job. Your brand is […]

What to Look For In a Mentor

A good mentor can change the trajectory of your career, shorten your learning curve, and point out pitfalls that would otherwise impede your professional progress. Given their firsthand experience and well-earned wisdom, they are invaluable at every stage of one’s career. So, what do you look for when you’re looking for a mentor? Subject Knowledge: A mentor by definition is someone […]

The Most Vital Career Skill

Every story has a setting – and granted, some are more comfortable than others. Still having perspective, being able to see beyond your initial circumstance will serve you well throughout your career…and your life. In my case, the skill helped me see beyond the “trouble-makers” in the old neighborhood and further than the poor choices that led some of my contemporaries astray. Later […]