4 Signs That You’re Ready for the Next Job

It happens. The new becomes common, the bloom falls from the rose, and the ordinary creeps in to what was once the job of your dreams. There’s ways to reclaim your mojo and approach an old role with new vigor of course, but sometimes an ending is just what you need to prompt a new, more meaningful beginning. If you’re experiencing […]

How to Answer the Weakness Question

While thankfully, the “What’s your greatest weakness?” question is being posed less frequently these days, it’s still a go-to for interviewers who are unfamiliar with more telling behavior and experience based inquires. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this old favorite, avoid the trite by offering both substance and a solution. Let’s face it; if you answer the question with, […]

5 Things to Remove From Your Resume Right Now

Some career coaches will advise that your resume be no longer than two pages. The rationale for the advice is recruiters and hiring managers are busy people who lack the time to peruse a lengthier document. The counsel makes sense if you’re a recent grad or early career candidate, but if you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll likely find it difficult to pack a […]

How to Score a Promotion

Managers, especially during performance review time, segment their staff into three categories: A Players: Rock star performers that they can’t live without. B Players: Steady Eddie types that are essential to the business, but who aren’t lighting the world on fire C Players: Low performer who they’d like to donate back to the industry. If you’re not viewed as an A player […]

Are You Faking Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome describes high-achieving individuals who are plagued by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and thus have a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. It’s a common, understandable, and largely manageable affliction. Of course, if you’re not a high-performer or worse, a relative novice the worry you feel is likely warranted. People, Americans specifically, millennials even more so, have […]

How to Be an Early Bird

Making the transition from night owl to early bird is no easy task, but it starts with the realization that most of us can’t be both….well, without going clinically insane. If you’re an introvert or overloaded extrovert looking to increase your “me time” head towards the light…morning light that is, by following these simple evening shutdown steps. Know Your Numbers: […]

How to Land an Internship

Writers trust in the old adage: Show. Don’t tell. The advice also applies to those interviewing for an internship. Don’t give the hiring manager a song and dance about how innovative, strategic, and out-of the-box awesome you are. Chances are they’ve heard a sales pitch or two and trust me no one wins at Buzzword Bingo. Instead, demonstrate your potential by pointing […]

Best Manager Interview Question

Peter Drucker said “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and while that may be true, managers hold the knife and fork. Hiring a manager is not like hiring any other employee. Managers, particularly a first line managers, are the conduit through which all communication and cultural changes passes. These are vital positions in any organization so getting the hire right is critical. If I could […]

Top 3 Entrepreneur Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

All entrepreneurs make mistakes. The smart ones try to keep theirs to a minimum by consistently learning from those who have gone before. Do the same by learning to sidestep these classic pitfalls. Starting Too Soon: There’s nothing wrong with starting a business right after, while in, or even in lieu of college. There are more than a few cases of […]

Major Decisions: How to Pick a College Major

It was inevitable. The initial onslaught of pre-career questions from the Gen Z crowd has arrived. That’s no typo, people. For once we’re not talking Millennials. The “elder statesman” of the population born between 1996 and 2010 are heading to college and are already thinking about how the academic investment will affect their future earning potential. I’m actually […]