How to Improve Your Professional Engagement

Employee engagement is at its peak when workers respect and ideally like their managers, fit well into the company’s corporate culture, and derive meaning from their work. Sometimes organizational stars align to provide employees with this trifecta of factors, but more often than not, it’s up to the individual to heighten his or her sense of engagement. But how can the average person […]

A Confident vs. Arrogant Candidate

In a social media world full of personal brands and bravado, it helps to have a nose for the truth of things. Great interviewers have a knack for ferreting out the fluff and spotting the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is natural, often quiet, and never forced. Confident candidates often display this characteristic in an interview through their use of pauses. They […]

How to Handle Bullying on the Job

Bullying in the workplace isn’t new, but thanks to an evolving social consciousness and some very brave individuals, it’s being called out more frequently and thus, those doing it are being held to account. Good HR professionals have been advocating for such action for decades and it is now, more than ever, taking place. If It Happens to You If it’s a single, less serious […]

The Value of Your On-line Image

In an influencer-focused world it’s easy to overestimate the value of the average person’s on-line image. Sure, some people make money by meticulously crafting a perfect persona, but as the joke goes, were Instagram to suddenly disappear…poof…those Insta models would instantly become just another pretty person. While it might be tempting for even seasoned business people to engage in inauthentic on-line […]

The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting

Most career books take one of two approaches: They provide theoretical frameworks that are difficult to apply or they offer cookie-cutter answers to a series of stock interview questions that, in reality, rarely get asked. The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting provides a flexible, easy-to-follow process for selecting or affirming your career goal, crafting a rock star resume that sets you […]

The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job

People often assume that you have an abundance of free time when you’re job hunting. They figure you’re either phoning it in at a current employer or channel surfing in a bathrobe. The truth, however, is that searching for a new gig or vying for a key promotion is a full-time role in itself. The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job was written for busy […]

Understanding Peer-to-Peer Learning

Most organizations offer a variety of educational tools to their employees from formal in-person or virtual classes and self-paced e-learning to informal lunch & learns and mentoring programs. With technology helping to speed the democratization of knowledge transfer, access to resources is becoming less of an issue. These days the biggest blocker to employee education is peoples’ free […]

How to Manage a High Performer

High performers are motivated by a variety of formal benefits such as total compensation, specialized perks, and job titles as well as a host of informal status symbols such as ownership of key projects or clients, budget size, visibility to leadership, and the number and geographic spread of headcount managed. Regardless of which power currency an organization trades on, however, professional growth is the […]

The What, How and Why of Hiring a Coach

People hire coaches for all sorts of reasons from enhancing productivity and increasing performance to navigating a career transition and improving personal or professional relationships. There are as many goals as there are clients and no shortage of life, business, and career coaches waiting in the wings to help. But before you sign up for that coaching package make sure you understand the basics of the […]

What to Do if You Have a “Bad” Boss?

Unfortunately, most working people have encountered the “bad” boss. Whether it was during an internship, that entry-level gig you took post-graduation, or somewhere along your trek up the corporate ladder, the results are the same. Having a bad boss stinks. When the job market is hot, you can seek greener pastures, but often, even in the best of times geographic restrictions and family […]