Don’t Phone in That Phone Interview

I was recently interviewed by an MBA class about the importance of phone interviews. Are phone interviews really important? Most candidates prepare for face to face interviews. They shine their shoes, double check their smiles, and take steps to ensure their answers are as crisp as the creases in their outfits. Unfortunately, not everyone gives the same attention to virtual […]

How to Give “Negative” Feedback

The first step is to stop seeing it as negative. Imagine for a moment that your good friend is about to give a speech right after lunch, and you notice he has a big piece of spinach in his teeth. Would you tell him? Of course, you would. Sure, it might be uncomfortable, even embarrassing but your action is of great benefit to […]

How HR Can Address a Pay Gap

The first step is to ignore the Internet. It’s littered with misleading statistics and cross-profession comparisons. Knowing that schoolteachers in South Carolina make less than engineers in New York City is certainly a data point, but one that is as irrelevant as it is obvious. Instead of focusing on erroneous, shock factor statistics like “women get paid 70 cents on the dollar” take time to examine […]

3 Communication Blunders to Avoid

When you’re a leader be it of a team, department, or entire organization every message you send counts. To ensure your communication hits the mark be sure to avoid these classic blunders. Burying the Lead – Employees don’t care about how good something is for the company nearly as much as they care about what’s in it for them. Even tough messages will be better […]

3 Key Skills for Cross Functional Managers

Core job skills are always important, but if you want to shine in a cross-functional leadership role, you’ll need to master these three soft skills: Delegation: By definition, all members of your team will have different, vital areas of expertise. Even those within your function may have niche skills which far exceed your own capabilities. A successful cross-functional leader must […]

5 Things To Do Before You Go Freelance

The freelance lifestyle looks awfully attractive from the confines of a corporate cubicle. Pod dwellers often envision pajama-clad, commute-free workdays, where flexibility reigns and no one gives you the side eye if you step out make to squeeze in that doctor’s appointment. Of course, it’s not all upside. Chances are you’ll pay a lot more for that visit when you have […]

Candidates: How to Avoid the “Maybe” File

Recruiters get flooded with applicants even during times of low unemployment. To keep up, many organizations have implemented applicant tracking systems that enable frantic HR staff to at least issue form letter rejections to those candidates who clearly miss the mark. Receiving one can be disheartening, but at least you know where you stand. Perhaps a more frustrating predicament is when a […]

Time for a Career Change?

December is a popular time to review the past, take stock of one’s accomplishments, and map the future. Often this is as simple as generating a new goal list – a plan of attack to help expedite your journey down the current path. Sometimes however, your reflection will spark the desire for a bigger change. Before you commit it’s important […]

Feeling Anxious at Work? Rope-a-Dope Your Brain

There are a host of strategies to aid those who occasionally experience career induced jitters. Classic techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and adopting a quiet state of personal gratitude can work wonders…assuming you have the presence of mind to engage them early on. The trouble with these traditional approaches is that they’re hard to leverage if you’ve already shifted […]

Guest Blog: The Importance of Audience Engagement

Whether you’re communicating to a party of one in a meeting or a crowd of hundreds from the main stage of a conference, audience engagement is an integral part of public speaking. Your ability to effectively relate to and connect with your audience can ultimately determine the impression you leave. To ensure you make the most of your time, […]