Ideal On-boarding: How to Jump Start New Employees

Too many organizations fail to connect with employees during the on-boarding process because they make the classic mistake of focusing on what they want to say instead of what employees want to hear. It’s a costly error that could transform engaged newbies into second guessers. Whether your process is in-person, virtual, or a combination, incorporate these guidelines to reinforce the […]

Should You Develop a Side Hustle?

Having a side hustle, a way to make income outside your normal nine to five (ahem, seven to six) job is all the rage these days. This is due in part to advocates like Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle. It’s sound advice. While you’d expect the career coach side of me to agree with the practice, […]

Finding Your Passion

As a career coach, I get the, “How do I find my passion question?” several times per month. My answer: It isn’t lost. Most people know exactly what they like and vote for that activity with their discretionary time. We all have a finite number of hours and a host of competing responsibilities. In my case, I’m a business owner, corporate […]

What is Success?

When attempting to define success the easy cop-out is to say that it’s different for everyone. True, but not helpful. Some people view success in terms of titles, power, influence, or even the status symbols money can bring: the flashy watch, the foreign car, the boat and beach house combo. That’s all fine, but for me, success is measured in free time. When you can be […]

Does Motivation Work?

The problem with motivation is that you have to be motivated for it to work. And while getting it is easy, keeping it is tremendously difficult for most people. That’s why the gym is full in January and empty by March. Motivation is fleeting. It’s not a driver of success. It’s merely exhaust, a byproduct of the true fuel that lives within each […]

So…Tell Me About Yourself

While it’s awkward, vague, potentially creepy depending on the style with which it’s delivered, there is no reason to shrink from the standard, “Tell me about yourself,” interview question. In most cases, it’s simply a lazy interview intro wielded by inexperienced HR professionals or managers who simply don’t hire frequently enough to have a proper plan. In these situations there is no […]

Bow Out Gracefully: How to Cancel a Speech

If you’re successful in your chosen profession at some point you may be asked to give a presentation. Given the common assumption that public speaking is one of the top five fears countless books and articles have been written to help you muster the courage and develop the skills to shine on stage. But what if an unfortunate circumstance is what prevents you […]

Saying Goodbye: Are Exit Interviews Worth the Time?

Despite promises of advocates and vendors, I’ve rarely found exit interviews to be effective. Time consuming and awkward? Sure. But capable of producing meaningful insights? Not really. In cases were people leave on positive terms you often get throwaway answers such as: compensation and commute time or gentle rationales like, “the company is great and I wasn’t actively looking, but this opportunity came out […]

Resume Tips for Top Grads

So you just graduated from a top-tier school. Congratulations. Now the real work begins. Even when you’re among the best of the best you still have to stand out from the crowd. To do so it’s important to showcase: Transferable Skills: Take stock of the lessons learned and skills developed during your college years that would readily apply to the job […]

How to Pitch the Boss Your Bright Idea

A reader recently asked: Once a person has come up with a good idea, what steps are involved in taking the idea from the realm of possibility to the realm of reality? It’s an interesting question and one that has plagued countless creative-types. Having a good idea, be it for a new product or service, a process improvement, or even an organization-wide […]