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Tim Toterhi

The HR Guy – I’m not your typical CHRO. I’m passionate about slashing bureaucracy, rethinking old thinking, and helping people make the most of their careers.

Below is a series of original articles on business best practices as well as longer form research on key Human Resources and business topics. For the latest information on Career Management and Leadership Excellence subscribe to our Career blog.

The HR Guide to Getting and
Crushing Your Dream Job

People often assume that you have an abundance of free time when you’re job hunting. They figure you’re either phoning it in at a current employer or channel surfing in a bathrobe.  Read more...

The Introvert's Guide to
Job Hunting

Most career books take one of two approaches: They provide theoretical frameworks that are difficult to apply or they offer cookie-cutter answers to a series of stock interview questions that, in reality, rarely get asked.  Read more...