How HR Job Seekers Can Cash-in on the Big Data Craze

Not all number crunching takes place in finance and operations. To be effective, even relevant in the future, employees in every department need to have at least basic analytical skills. Even Human Resources, a discipline traditionally known for “people skills” must embrace this shift if they are to be taken seriously. The Challenge High performing HR professionals help business leaders manage their people data with […]

Helping Staff Embrace Fact-based Decisions

As business leaders, we can’t simply set the vision, start running, and hope that others follow. If you are changing course – even shepherding a subtle adjustment – you sometimes need to slow down, switch to teaching mode, and ensure employees not only have the will, but the skill to follow. Nowhere is this as broadly apparent than in the desire for employees to use verifiable […]

Make Sure Big Data Adds Up

The science of data collection is meaningless without the art of interpretation. Big data is all the rage in Human Resources and Learning & Development departments these days. As business leaders demand more analytics from all disciplines within their organizations, professionals in roles as diverse as workforce planning and employee training clamor to crack the code on meaningful ROI metrics. While increased attention to […]