The What, How and Why of Hiring a Coach

People hire coaches for all sorts of reasons from enhancing productivity and increasing performance to navigating a career transition and improving personal or professional relationships. There are as many goals as there are clients and no shortage of life, business, and career coaches waiting in the wings to help. But before you sign up for that coaching package make sure you understand the basics of the […]

Should You Develop a Side Hustle?

Having a side hustle, a way to make income outside your normal nine to five (ahem, seven to six) job is all the rage these days. This is due in part to advocates like Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle. It’s sound advice. While you’d expect the career coach side of me to agree with the practice, […]

MBA vs. Entrepreneurship: What’s the Winning Move?

Formal education and firsthand experience are both valuable. The question is: what’s most valuable to you and those you want to do business with down the road? People will answer this differently based on their vocation and career goals. For me, as an MBA and entrepreneur, the latter was much more helpful in sparking success. Sure, an employer program can help with education […]

Does College Still Matter?

Unless you plan to write the rules by starting your own company than yes, college still matters. Two reasons: Perception: Hiring managers went and find value in the undertaking. If you want a traditional career, especially in a white-collar, knowledge-based profession, you need the fancy piece of paper. Reality: High schools simply can’t arm you with enough skills to compete in today’s […]

Can You Be Promoted Too Quickly?

There’s a difference of course between ten years of experience and one year of experience repeated ten times. When it comes to expediting one’s career trajectory, project and role diversity can be a great catapult. Callenges, stretch assignments, and mistakes can also advance our learning curve. That said, too many young professionals adopt a “fake it till you make it” mindset […]

How to Stay Relevant as a Long-tenured Employee

Job hoppers are red flags to many recruiters and hiring managers, but they are not the only candidates to give these gatekeepers pause. Long-tenured employees are often shuffled to the bottom of the resume pile because they are, perhaps unfairly, perceived as inflexible, stuck-in-a-rut, unmotivated, or even unlikely to thrive in a new setting. To avoid looking like a laggard, keep […]

4 Signs That You’re Ready for the Next Job

It happens. The new becomes common, the bloom falls from the rose, and the ordinary creeps in to what was once the job of your dreams. There’s ways to reclaim your mojo and approach an old role with new vigor of course, but sometimes an ending is just what you need to prompt a new, more meaningful beginning. If you’re experiencing […]

5 Things to Remove From Your Resume Right Now

Some career coaches will advise that your resume be no longer than two pages. The rationale for the advice is recruiters and hiring managers are busy people who lack the time to peruse a lengthier document. The counsel makes sense if you’re a recent grad or early career candidate, but if you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll likely find it difficult to pack a […]

Are You Faking Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome describes high-achieving individuals who are plagued by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and thus have a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. It’s a common, understandable, and largely manageable affliction. Of course, if you’re not a high-performer or worse, a relative novice the worry you feel is likely warranted. People, Americans specifically, millennials even more so, have […]

Best Manager Interview Question

Peter Drucker said “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and while that may be true, managers hold the knife and fork. Hiring a manager is not like hiring any other employee. Managers, particularly a first line managers, are the conduit through which all communication and cultural changes passes. These are vital positions in any organization so getting the hire right is critical. If I could […]