Restarting A Career After An Extended Break

Job-hunting is a difficult endeavor. Doing so after being out of the game for a while can prove even more challenging. The good news is that there is a big difference between hard and impossible. Like most things, technique and attitude can go a long way toward ensuring success. To increase your chances of successfully reentering the job market, following these five […]

The Ageless Resume – Give Your CV a Facelift

Thinking of leaving your job? You’re not alone. Reports from leading survey firms such as Gallup and IBM/Kenexa indicate that even self-described engaged employees are susceptible to a competitor’s pull. In the reality of the millennial-led, “company me” mindset, employees are more transient and discerning than ever before. Even Gen-X and baby boomers are more apt to shop the competition these days. Employers who lack […]