How to Save Your Job When Layoffs Loom

Mark Twain said, “When you need a friend, it’s too late to make one.” The quote is often applicable to business networking and the adverse effect of allowing your contacts to run cold. By the time rumors of layoffs start circulating it could be too late to preserve your position. This is especially true if you’re an […]

Banned Phrase: Synergy Capture

It’s no secret that the corporate landscape is littered with jargon and mild euphemisms designed to ease employees into the “new normal” much like the proverbial frog is placed in the pot before the heat is turned on. Give it to us straight and we’ll jump out before we boil, but the jargon – well that simply sounds like a nice, warm […]

Returning to a Company After a Lay-off

In this volatile and hyper-competitive economic climate, restructuring is sadly part of the corporate playbook. In my career I’ve been on both sides of the event and what I’ve learned is that no one relishes the action. While your first impulse maybe to forever shun the organization that let you go, many professionals, especially those with niche skills or geographic restrictions could find themselves […]