Diversity Gone Wrong

The single biggest challenge employers face with diversity in the workplace is that they are looking for the wrong thing. Somewhere along the way the concept of corporate diversity, or “inclusion” as it is now known, got cheapened. It got boiled down to a marketing effort where every website and annual report features a smattering of just the “right” amount of male and female, old […]

How to Score a Promotion

Managers, especially during performance review time, segment their staff into three categories: A Players: Rock star performers that they can’t live without. B Players: Steady Eddie types that are essential to the business, but who aren’t lighting the world on fire C Players: Low performer who they’d like to donate back to the industry. If you’re not viewed as an A player […]

The Raise-less Promotion

A colleague recently asked if he should accept a promotion. Knowing that he was an ambitious fellow with energy to spare, I thought it was a trick question. But then came the catch. Although role offered a better title and potentially more visibility, it did not come with a salary increase. Apparently his organization expected him to take on considerably more […]

How to Say No to Promotion

It might seem unthinkable to those who endlessly launch themselves up the corporate ladder, but for many people there are times when accepting a promotion, especially when it comes with longer hours, additional responsibilities, more direct reports, and/or taking on an international assignment, is simply a bad decision. Don’t get me wrong, most employees get the jitters when taking a new […]