Guest Blog: The Importance of Audience Engagement

Whether you’re communicating to a party of one in a meeting or a crowd of hundreds from the main stage of a conference, audience engagement is an integral part of public speaking. Your ability to effectively relate to and connect with your audience can ultimately determine the impression you leave. To ensure you make the most of your time, […]

How to Speak Like a Pro

Public speaking is a challenging endeavor. Even the experts get a few butterflies before hitting the stage. Whether you shrink from the mic or relish any opportunity to work a room, follow these five tips to avoid coming off like an amateur. Cut the Long-winded Intro: People will tune out if you make them listen to a lengthy bio. Whether you’re giving […]

Bow Out Gracefully: How to Cancel a Speech

If you’re successful in your chosen profession at some point you may be asked to give a presentation. Given the common assumption that public speaking is one of the top five fears countless books and articles have been written to help you muster the courage and develop the skills to shine on stage. But what if an unfortunate circumstance is what prevents you […]