How to Deal with Salary Issues

Ah, the dreaded salary question. Candidates hate it. Hiring managers flub it. Even seasoned recruiters can get tongue tied when trying to navigate the increasingly sensitive legal waters surrounding the issue. It’s not surprising. Laws are changing and in many states you can no longer ask about a person’s salary history. On the surface this seems beneficial to candidates […]

The Raise-less Promotion

A colleague recently asked if he should accept a promotion. Knowing that he was an ambitious fellow with energy to spare, I thought it was a trick question. But then came the catch. Although role offered a better title and potentially more visibility, it did not come with a salary increase. Apparently his organization expected him to take on considerably more […]

Salary Negotiating Guidelines

Many people have difficulty asking for or even discussing money. Reasons for this range from culture and upbringing to self-worth and skill set. While I’ve been an executive and career coach for over 15 years, I’m no psychologist. If you need a little couch time (and there’s nothing wrong with that) seek out a qualified therapist. However, if your issue is skill based or a natural […]